Saturday, October 20, 2012

Appointment overload

We are now on weekly appointments because of everything. One ultrasound at maternal fetal medicine (high risk dr) followed by an appt at the OB. The weekly ultrasound is basically just to check my cervix, make sure it isn't opening. Then the OB is to check blood pressure, weight (ugh) - nothing like a weekly reminder of that, and heartbeat check. Up until Wednesday which was our 8 month check, everything has been going smooth. I've been allowed to drive to my appointments as well as drive to drop off or pick up kids from school. It made me feel a bit normal. But since out little stint in the hospital the babies have managed to stay cool and calm in my baker for another month. We are all happy about that!!

Wednesday we went in for our 8 month check followed by and NST (non stress test). The babies are growing A (boy) is weighing in at a whopping 4.5lbs and baby girl is 4.6. Idah finally got some pretty good 3D pics. She works third shift and missed the ultrasound appt so i was happy to give her some nice photos.

She made it in time for the NST. As soon as we hooked up the machine, it was showing that I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. Oye! I wasn't feeling even one of them. I then saw a flash of what the rest of the day would be like for us. After being hooked up for 20 minutes, the contractions didn't stop. We were sent over to my OB who checked my cervix, it was still closed. She then got called to a delivery and had to go. We got sent to triage for more contraction monitoring.
Contractions were still happening and i then actually started to feel some. Maybe like 2 every half hour. They admitted us for overnight obs. Around 830 that night i stopped feeling them even though they were still happening. Poor Idah had come right from working a 10 hour shift, so once we got our room she laid on the couch and i didnt hear from her til the next morning. Tim and the kids came in to visit for a bit that evening, but for the most part i just watched tv and relaxed. The next morning they checked my cervix again and it was still closed, so they discharged us. That night the almighty swelling started. My feet were huge, i now have kankles and my calves are just out of control. Now its not just bed rest - its feet elevated as well. What. A. Mess!!!
I'm weighing in a 193.5 - never weighed this much in life. My husband and I actually weigh the exact same thing right now. He finds it, not so much.
The kids have been gone all day today and tonight - i miss them terribly but I have enjoyed this day of no worries. I took a few naps, watched a few movies, Tim and i went for a junk food run (which was so weird without the kids)  and now doing some computer catch up, while Tim snores on the couch beside me. Next appointment is Wednesday which is another NST. Another hospital stay?? We shall see.

8 months


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lions and Tigers and....Contractions??? Oh No!!!

So one would think that since I am on bedrest this blog would be well up to date. Errrrr, wrong.
I have been so sleepy that any time I think about sitting down to replay events, i grab my blanket and go to the couch. Everyday that goes by though is another day I am missing out on noting so I gotta make this happen. And I am actually feeling quite energized tonight, so here we go. This is going to be a long one.

Last post I left off stating that I was heading to my 7 month ultrasound the next day. Little did we know, I would not be heading right to work after that appt as expected. The date was Wednesday, Sept 19th and mom met me there. Everything went well with the appt. The babies were doing great, measuring great. Heartbeats were both 142 and baby A (boy) weighed in at 2lbs 11oz and baby B (girl) weighed in at 2lbs 9oz. Then the DR came in to review everything and told us that he wanted to do an internal exam to check my cervix because it was measuring short. He did his thing and sure enough it was short, not opened which was a very good thing, just short. He had a concern that I may have been having contractions and not feeling them. The Dr says, "I'm going to call your OB and have them set you up to start getting steroid shots". At that point I assumed we would just leave and I would have an appt to go get the shots. He asked us to go wait in the waiting room until he called them. Ok, so we did. Next thing we know a nurse comes out with a wheelchair, has me get in and says that we are going to triage. Say what??? What for??? She said to get the steroid shot. Oh ok, no problem. We get to triage and wait about 20 minutes to be seen, which at this point I am not late for work. We finally get called back to a room and then wait yet another 45, yes 45 minutes to be seen by a nurse. The whole time assuming I was getting the steroid shot and we were outie. When the nurse finally came in, I asked her what was going on here. She said that the orders show that I am there for 24-48 hour monitoring of contractions. So we now have another "Say what??" moment. Why on earth wouldn't they have told us this from the beginning. The whole time we are sitting there and had no idea that we were getting admitted. Well, ok - it is what it is and whatever we need to do to make sure the babies don't come early - i'm in! We eventually got all hooked up to the contraction and heartbeat monitors, which showed great heartbeats but that I really was having contractions every 7-10 minutes. I didn't feel one of them. Pretty scary but also pretty freaking awesome, right??

They moved me into my room and started me on Magnesium to stop the contractions. I also had one steroid shot then to. I didn't call Tim until i knew he was awake. He works 3rd shift and with me being in the hospital now for at least the next day, it menas a heavier load for him. So i knew better than to wake him Him and the kids came in to visit me that evening. He said the kids were super excited to visit mommy in the hospital. They may have been a little more excited for the Olive Garden take out that Tim got them though. IM (intended mom) was there all day, until she had to leave for work. Since the babies weren't coming, I told her to go so she had more time off for the real deal. My mom also came in the day to visit and then she went to sleep at my house to watch the kids while Tim worked that night. Quite a production going on there. Oh, how did i forget this - I didn't eat a real breakfast that morning because after every appt, mom and I go to the hospital cafe and have breakfast. I ate a few pb crackers and milk. Bad move on my part because once i got admitted, I was on a clear liquid diet, that last until late morning the next day. UGH!

That next day came. I had hopes to be going home that day but the contractions had not completely stopped. They upped the dose on my magnesium, gave me the 2nd steroid shot and told me I'll be staying another night. ( i was kindve enjoying the break, shhh)
That morning my friend Landy came to visit, the babies mom came in, and so did my mom. We had a good time just chatting and watching daytime tv, while I sat baking babies. Oh and while i enjoyed a super yummy brunch of french toast to!

Good Morning Friday!! Good Morning IM, My mom, and Landy also! All 3 back to see me again. I truly felt loved between the phone calls, the visitors, my neighbor and friend Tobie sent me flowers, and Landy even went to the baby store and bought me a cover for my body pillow. I'll try to post the video of Landy, my mom, and IM trying to put that on later :)

The DR came in and said that they would lower the mag and start me on a pill to relax my uterus and we will see how the day goes. Well, contractions stopped and the mag was eventually turned off. Still no contractions. Woot Woot! Home we go. But, with changes. I will be on a modified bed rest. No working, no lifting, no continous walking up and down steps. Just basically laying or sitting all day. What a change this is for me. I am so always on the go, but I knew what we had to do. We were only 28 weeks and didn't want the babies to come just yet.

I am so very very lucky to have an awesome husband and awesome children that understood and helped make it as easy as possible for me. It does make it a bit easier that Mon-Fri the kids are in school so i get to lay around all day. I save my movements for the evenings when I want to help Riley with her homework and help them get to bed. Thankfully summer is over and the whole neighborhood isn't outside playing while I'm inside laying down. And it's getting darker earlier. That helps to not be in a funk about the whole thing. I have enjoyed the relaxing time and i LOVE LOVE naps!! It will probably suck going back to work at some point.

Here are some pics of our hospital stay.

Mom getting my oh so lovely gown tied up in triage

All hooked up and situated

One of my awesome nurses!

 Flowers from Tobie

My little man <3

A gift bag from Tobie

Video of the body pillow cover show ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7th Inning Stretch

Ok, well 7th month stretch is more like it. Tomorrow morning we have our 7th month ultrasound. I so hope we get some good 3D pics of these little ones. However, as much as they move around I'm gonna take a guess that it's not gonna happen.

I am excited for mom to hopefully feel her first kicks tomorrow!

2 weeks ago we did have our 6 month OB appt. I only gained 4 pounds (179) since my last appt, a pound a week. I figured it wouldn't be much because I still do not have much of an appetite. But don't worry, i do eat. I just don't have all of those crazy cravings (i'm quite sad about this) or crazy need to eat all the time. She said I am measuring just fine and the babies are perfect size. So, no worries.

I am enjoying this pregnancy so much! Maybe it's because I am stress/plan free, maybe it's the fact that this could be the last time I am ever pregnant again. I'm not sure. I loved my own pregnancies but this of course is just different. I love watching Riley and Ayden sit there and just stare waiting for any type of movement to happen. I love how they kiss my belly a few times a day. I love how they tell everyone we come in contact with who asks them "are you guys having a baby brother or baby sister?", our story. I love feeling 2 babies moving around in there 95% of my day.

I say this now because i am sure in the next month - i'll be at "that point" that it's just time to be over. And these thoughts will be far and few and in between : )

Alot of my surro sisters have told me to be prepared to want to do it again. Is it wrong that I feel that way already?? I'd have alot of thinking to do, but I don't think I will shut the door on it just yet. I just can't get it out of my mind, the day that these babies are born and being able to see the new mother and father holding them. That is going to be!

Most of my surro sisters and myself will tell you - there is so much more reasoning behind being a surrogate than the almighty question that we get asked constantly "Do you get paid to do this?"
If one day my sister needs me to have a baby for her, i will no doubt do it at no cost. When you come into it the way I did, not personally knowing someone who needed a surrogate, there is compensation involved for pain, suffering, and all of the emotion al roller coaster that comes along with it.
So Tim and I got to sit down and think about what we would do with this "compensation" and we chose to take the kids on a nice trip to Disney. We aren't gonna hold anything back because it's not only the kids first time, but Tim's first time there as well. We are booking it this week and I am so thankful to have not only had the opportunity to make someone elses dreams come true - in return, the morning that we are leaving for Disney is the morning we will tell the kids we are going, that day when i see my childrens faces - I will feel the best mom and luckiest person ever!!
I better get to bed..ultrasound is early tomorrow. I leave you with some 6 month pics!

 My little man and I

 A pic I sent to mom this week
Look at that baby belly!!!!
PS...Not a sign of stretch marks yet!!! TRIPLE BONUS!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Whew!!! Where has time gone??  This pregnancy has gone just too quick. I'm pretty sure I say this in every post, but I really just cannot believe it.

We have a C-Section date! November 27th. A few days after Thanksgiving. You know why this is great???  Because I will have one last excuse to eat as much as I want : )

We had our 6 month ultrasound last week. Even though everyone is going on about how small I look, the babies are growing right on target. We had the full heart anatomies done and everything looks great. Baby A is about 1.9lbs (the boy) and baby B is about 1.8 (the girl). They were so active that we didnt get any good 3D's like we had hoped. Maybe next time.

When i say active, I mean ACTIVE!! There isn't much time throughout the day that I am not being kicked, punched, head butted, or whatever else possible they can do to me. It really is one of lifes best experiences. I have been feeling great, like almost what I think is too great!! Although on one not so great experience, my back has still been an issue. It has simmered down a bit as far as how often, but every evening as I sit down to work on the computer, is when it hurts the most. This is the reason why this blog is not getting the updates that I want it to.

I realized as i was getting ready to snap some 6 month photos, that honestly this week I just didnt have much time to get all prettied up and do, realized that I was wearing the same shirt from a few photo shoots ago. In case you notice ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

5 month OB

Mama came to this appt in hopes we were picking our C-Section date, buuut that didn't happen :(

She was pretty bummed and i was to, just not as bummed as i would've been had i been in her shoes.

I gained 5 pounds, so now up to 175. After i gain the next 5 pounds, which is clearly going to happen - i will be at the highest weight in my 32 years. Its crazy though because even though with past pregnancys, I have weighed this much and even though that was at the very end - i still don't look as heavy now, as I did then. I seem to be carrying just belly. I am very thankful. I already have enough work to do after these guys come, let's contain it where we can THANK YOU!
However, we do have 15 weeks to go, so still plenty of time for that to happen.

Blood pressure was great, we discussed physical therapy for the back discomfort I've been having but oddly enough, I haven't had any since that appt. That was the worst and it can stay away, far away.

Riley and Ayden have been totally involved with the growing bump. Kissing, reading stories, and talking to the babies. They can't wait to see their new "cousins"!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kicks and giggles

Pretty much sums up my day. Even though I was at work.... Today was the first day that I was constantly feeling something going on in there. Kicks up top, head bumps on the bottom, All while I'm on the phone with my customers. I try not to focus on it, but when i do it just makes me laugh. Even though I've been pregnant before, its always a great thing to feel. These two little babies growing inside ya and feeling their movements throughout the day, just amazing. I feel so bad knowing that mom is missing out on this. I feel a bit of guilt talking to her about the kicks and movement, knowing that it has to make her feel some sort of a way. She always says "Please forgive them"  lol    Of course i do...this is all apart of being your surrogate!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 months and counting!

I am officially more than half way through. I know that time flies WAY. TOO. FAST, but that normally doesn't count when your pregnant, in the summer. I can honestly say though that this is going fast. I often wonder if it's because I don't have the added stress of baby preparations or maybe it's because the anxiousness of awaiting my new baby isn't there. Of course I am anxious to see these precious little ones, but it's just not the same as if it were my own. No matter which, I just can't believe that in 17 weeks, this surrogate journey will be at the end.

Mom and I went to my 5 month ultrasound this week. Since everyone has been telling me that I am measuring small, I was kind of curious to see what the doctor would say about the sizes of the babies.
Thankfully they are doing great, measuring right on target and I just will embrace my small bump because i'm sure it probably isn't going to last.

Little mans heartbeat was 148 and little ladies was 142. They were busy moving around the whole time putting on quite a show for their mama.

I have been feeling really great for the most part. No sickness, no soreness, just starting to get tired earlier and feeling a bit stretched out at times. Comes with the territory. Never been pregnant with twins before, I'm actually a little shocked at how great I am doing so far. It's very hard for me to sit and relax. I always have to be doing something. Tonight I was out pulling weeds, digging holes for flowers and just finally making the outside of our house look nice. One of our neighbors came by and said "You have got to be the most active pregnant woman I know", made me chuckle. Kind of hard to just sit anyhow when every other minute one of my two are yelling Mom, Mom, MOOOOOM!!!!!!
I know the time is coming that i will have to relax for both me and the babies, but for now - i'm enjoying having the energy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 month Checkup

Can you say...Boring!!  But that's a good boring. Blood Pressure is fine, weight gain she said is fine but it was up 4 pounds since last month, and heartbeats for both were heard. I'm gonna put it out there for record keeping purposes. I'm at 170 now. This is what i was at during my last month of pregnancy with both of my own kids  : x
Of course when i left there, i realized there were 2 questions I wanted to ask and I didn't..oops. I'll save them for the 5 month check up. Mom didn't come with me to this appt. It's a pretty far drive for her to come for a 5 minute appt. Towards the end I'm sure they will attend these.

Saturday morning I met mom at Babies R Us. She wanted to start browsing baby stuff and i was soo happy when she asked me to meet her there. Tim had to work third shift the night before so we had 2 tag alongs. It's always nice meeting up with her, we always have a good time together.
We had a great time looking at all of the ideas, oooohing and ahhhhing over all of the adorable baby stuff! She decided not to register that day though because while most of the stuff was cute, she wasn't in love with alot of the "big" things. So she is going to do some more research and then register from there.

This Babies R Us is a trap! It is attached to Toys R Us and inside the building the two are connected. The whole time through Babies R Us, my kids were asking "can we go to toys rus, when can we, can we go now?!"

Since they were fairly good during Idah and I's shopping, i decided to give them each a $10.00 max over at Toys R Us. When we got to the register, Idah actually paid for their toys. So awesome! I could get used to this treatment ; )

I had read in my surrogate facebook page about this body pillow that is amazing during pregnancy. So i mentioned it to mom the other day that i wanted to look into purchasing one. As we were leaving, i was putting the kids in the car and she surprised me with a big bag. In it.. a body pillow! She said she had actually bought it for me before i even said anything to her about it. How freaking awesome!! I have slept with it every night since and let me just is even more tough to get out of bed in the morning. I highly recommend this for everyone - pregnant or not!

Some pics from our day out...



Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a...... and a .......

Wednesday morning we had our 4 month ultrasound and of course the "big" one because it was most likely the ultrasound that we will see penis or no penis. Mom met me there and she was SO nervous. She kept saying she felt like she was going to have a heart attack! (not really though. at least i dont think anyway)

She held my hand the whole way up to the office. This bond is just amazing! I would have never ever thought that when i started my surrogacy journey that I would meet someone like this or be this close to my IM. She knows just the right boundaries but yet is always there to check on me in whatever way she feels like she should.

The other day she sent me a text, more like a reality check that was in midst of. She was at the grocery store and mosied on over to the baby aisle. Her text consisted of this..

"OMG...i just saw how much a can of formula cost! And i need double of everything. Clothes, food, toys...I think i'm going to pass out for a minute!"

She has quite the sense of humor. Of course she is just kidding. She like all other IM's are usually ecstatic to be at this point and she definately is. But I think for any mom, the reality hitting you of having 2 babies at once, can sometimes overtake it all.
On that note, we haven't talked in much detail about breastfeeding. She did ask me to breast feed them while we were in the hospital and i love that she did. I also will pump for her while I am on maternity leave but once I go back to work, i know my life goes back to pure craziness and without trying to sound selfish, i just dont know if i will be able to continue. We will definately need to talk more about that as time moves on.

Ok, Ok back to the important things of the week. Sexes!! Did we or did we not see??

             We DID!!

My two tator tots were right all along. Back in the beginning when they first found out i was pregnant with twins, they names the babies on their own. Baby A was named Alvin by our son Ayden...making him a boy and Baby B was named Emily by our daughter Riley, making her a girl. And they were right! Except that isn't going to be their names.

We found out baby A was a boy first. Mom was so happy and very anxious to tell dad. Then we found out B was a girl and she had the best reaction I have ever seen. I really wish i was video taping her. She was so happy and she cried for hours. What an amazing thing to be a part of! And how awesome, totally awesome that they are getting one of each!!?? They deserve this, they really do.

Mom and dad are both African. They moved her from Cameroon, Africa a few years ago. They are going to name them from their heritage. Their culture believes that twins have specific names.
I won't go into a whole culture lesson here but basically when you have one of these names, anyone you meet within the African culture, knows immediately that you are a twin. Pretty cool, right??

So baby boys name will be Sam-gwa (trying to type it so u can pronounce it)
and baby girl is Nigella.

Here are some 4 month pics of the bump, a pic of mom after we left the dr office and pics of the babies of course!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maternal Fetal Medicine

My next doctor appt was with Maternal Fetal Medicine. This is basically the "high risk" doctors office.
We went in Wednesday May 30th. Mom met me there. I wasn't sure what to expect from this appt because I never had to see a high risk doctor before. As soon as i got there and got checked in they took me in for an ultrasound. We were happily surprised because we didnt really expect to see the two little ones that day. They finally look like little babies and they were bouncing all over the place. I mean, seriously - they were going to make me sick if i stared at them because of how bubbly they were. But heartbeats were perfect, measurements were on target , and we got a clean bill of health.
Dr. Bayliss is who we saw. He was the first person thus far to sit us down and tell us all of the in's and out's of a twin pregnancy. Some things he mentioned...
                                    - I will gain between 40-50 pounds ( are u joking me???)

                                    - Bed rest is a high risk, especially after 20 weeks

                                    - No overtime at work (BONUS!!!)

                                    - When i come home at night i need to just sit on the couch, prop my
                                       feet up and let someone else handle the house work (this just                                         isnt possible but I do use it to my advantage sometimes...shhhh)

I do take it alot easier than I normally do. But i am just not a person to do that. I always have to be doing something. Even though I plan to have this 37 week, healthy, great pregnancy - reality is, bed rest happens often in twin pregnancy and i want to get some of my projects finished up just in case. But again, i am taking it easy and not putting strain on myself. Do a little and break, do a little and break ;)

We have a monthly appt here which we have already scheduled up to the very end. Our next appt is June 27 and guess what - we find out sexes!

Here are some pictures of everyone...

 Baby A (aka Alvin)

 Baby B (aka Emily)

Riley and Ayden have given the kids those temporary names

Me and mom after our appt...I asked her to give me a big real smile because her smiles are always small..and this is what she gave me  LOL

The of course some pics of me and 13 weeks...


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's play a game...

Called Catch Up!!!   I have a feeling this game will become pretty popular over the next few months.
Overtime at my job has picked up, so by the time I get home, get situated and you know - do that mom thing...I. AM. BEAT!!

Soooo...what's new with these babies!!!???

Since I last posted we had two appointments. My first appt was with my regular OB, Lancaster Physicians for Women. I got to meet my first of 3 doctors. Dr. Jones.

Here is how that morning began. I woke up around 6 - PUKING! Really?? No way am i NOW starting morning sickness. I ate breakfast, puked it up. I just felt so so bad. Earlier that week Riley was home from school sick for 2 days but i did not relate the two at the time. Tim had decided to come to the appt with me, mom was also meeting us there. He was then going to take me to work and pick me up after work so we could go out on a date and celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I was pretty excited at him coming along because I normally don't ask or assume he will, given the circumstance. But he is completely supportive of me, so I shouldn't expect any less <3

On the way to our appt, we stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast. I just ate some fruit ontop of a crepe and it seemed to settle ok. Got to our appt and had an exam, all was good under the hood.

So we talked...the doctor got to know mom and then she gave me a prescription for Zofran, assuming this sickness was morning sickness as well. She said that really with twins, it could just be starting late.
We also then discussed the VBAC option over the csection. She made it pretty clear that we really should just schedule the csection. There were more cons than pros..and of course we want to do whats best. So it sounds like at 37 weeks which will be the end of November, we will be welcoming these little boys, girls, boy and girl..hmmmmm who knows!!!

After leaving the appt, Tim was supposed to take me to work. But i just felt way too bad for that. We took a run to the mall so that I could pick up a few pairs of maternity jeans, stopped at Rite Aid so I could get my zofran, and then home to sleep. Woke up and unfortunately the zofran did not work.
At this point I just knew this was not morning sickness. I had a bug. Sure enough, the next day I felt a bit better but i wasn't completely better until that next sunday afternoon. All i know is, thank you thank you for not being morning sickness because if I had to live like this everyday for the next few weeks or whatever - i would NOT be happy. Bless those mama's that do have to go thru this, i have no clue how you do it!

This is my catch up for tonight. I have another appt and some pics - i will do this tomorrow. My eyes are way too heavy for this now.  Good night

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final Graduation Day!!!

So today was an exciting day.

Last Wednesday morning we had another ultrasound and got to see the little beans. They are both just where they should be and heartbeats are strong. Baby A was 168 and baby B was 171.
After this appt, we graduated from the fertility clinic. 2 years strong and we are finally moving on. Of course it was sad..not only have i grown to know these doctors and staff, Mom has actually been going here for almost 5 years. So she was way ahead of me on those relationships. The clinic was actually making jokes (which i dont think mom found too funny) but that because of how much money she spent there they are going to have a baby room in the clinic dedicated to her and the twins.

Here is a picture of our little celebrities... The internal ultrasounds for me are not the clearest because of the way my uterus lies - but u can at least see how much they've grown.

So this brings me back to today. TODAY was my last day of all of the fertility meds. No more injections, no more remembering to take 2 pills, 3 times a day. All i have to remember now are my vitamins. I think Tim may be a bit upset that he no longer gets that daily view of my tush but arrangements could be made ;)

And also TODAY...i had my first appointment with my new OB office. When i was pregnant with Riley, I had the BEST doctor. I love her to this day. In the middle of my pregnancy with Ayden, she turned into just a GYN office. The OB was taking her away from her family too much and she had to make changes. I was so bummed by this because I knew that she was one of the few small, one on one baby doctors which is what i strived for. So to finish out Aydens birth, we went to OBGYN of Lancaster and i did. not. like. it! Every appt I saw someone different and they didnt know jack about me. I barely even knew the doctor delivering Ayden. The only thing i did like, is that Rileys doctor delivered at The Heart of Lancaster Hospital in Lititz - Aydens doctors delivered at The Womens and Babies. I really wanted an experience at the W&B hospital because its where everyone i know has their babies. Well, since Ayden was born - OBGYN moved to now also delivering at the Heart of Lancaster. (lost yet?)  So now i had to make a decision. Lititz was just too far for Mom and Dad to have to travel from their house. So i went on a search for a W&B office.
I have heard about the Lancaster Physicians for Women. I heard how there are only 3 doctors, all women and how personal and down to earth they were. They took my insurance, so it seemed like an easy decision to me.
I met with a nurse today. Just to go over the do's and don'ts of pregnancy, answering questions, giving me tips on pregnancy with multiples, insurance info, etc...
She actually told me that I am their first surrogate. Which was really shocking to me, but i think its pretty cool. Maybe I'll get some extra special attention?? ( a girl can try, right?)
I had a few things I needed to now talk to Mom about. One of them being if she wanted to do the first trimester testing, It basically checks for Down Syndrome and a few other things. I never had this test done with my own kids and after talking to mom, i am pretty sure she isn't going to either.
I also have to make the decision if i want to try a VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after c section) or just go right to the c section. I have to sit down and educate myself on the pro's and con's since I have never been put in this position before. I am hoping as we go along, the doctors will steer me in the right direction. I really really REALLY want to do vaginal, but of course just whatever is best for the babies is what we will do. Our next appointment which is with a doctor is this friday.

Riley and Ayden now know. They are the best kids! They think that this is the coolest thing and at any given chance, do not hesitate to tell everyone in our path that mommy is having babies for someone else. They did want to name the babies and even after telling them that the babies mommy and daddy will do that, they still did give them their own names. Baby A has been named Alvin, by Ayden and baby B has been named Emily by Riley. They kiss them, they read to them, they talk to them and they draw family pictures now that include my belly which is about the size of 10 beach balls already in these pics. In a few months I will have to have my own page seperate from the rest of the family. I think we did a great job of introducing this to them and educating them in a manor that is age appropriate. I am 10 weeks today and that means i should have only about 2 weeks for my energy to come back. Please Please PLEASE...i need you Mr. Energy!!!



Monday, May 7, 2012

I am...

Always Hungry!!!  Man...I know there are two in there but gheesh!! Thankfully still no sickness and my urge to eat is easily satisfied with fruit. I feel like all i am doing is eating something though.

I even have a little bump starting already. Honestly i've still had a leftover bump from my own kids - if that's even legal to still claim 4 years later. But my jeans are getting harder to button and since I sit all day - i think i will be moving on to the good ole elastic bands very soon.

Wednesday morning we have another ultrasound. Can't wait to see these little beans!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


So after what feels like forever (was only a day and a half) of not being able to get on my blogger account..i FINALLY get to share our news. Especially since we haven't really publicly told alot of people that we were even pregnant's been killing me to not vent it out on here.

But first...i gotta share from the beginning of the day.

Wednesday April 25, 2012 - our ultrasound was set for 8:30am. I was having such a hard time
sleeping thinking about how excited i knew mom was and of course how anxious I was. But i finally remember last looking at the tv around midnight. Around 2:30am I woke up to my becoming normal and frequent mid sleep full bladder. As i walked to the bathroom I started to feel that it was kind of "wet" down there...almost like i had gotten my period. So i started walking faster. I pee'd and wiped...and my heart dropped. I was bleeding. It wasn't alot and it wasnt flowing like a period. It was just one or two wipes of spotting and thats it. I felt perfectly fine, no cramping, no pain, nothing. I didnt feel that it was an emergency since like i said, it was little and stopped. I went back to bed..not to sleep immediately because of course i was worried and was having so many crazy thoughts. I probably went back to the bathroom and checked about 10 times before i finally was able to fall asleep.
I woek up before my alarm...which NEVER happens and pretty much ran to the bathroom where there was a little more spotting again. I was so worried now. I was having such a hard time getting dressed and focusing on Riley and Ayden. Tim walked in (he works 3rd shift) and looked at me and said "whats wrong" - i didnt realize it showed that much, for him to notice something was
But of course, i immediately started crying and told him. He did some checking online and assured me that everything he was reading said some spotting is normal in the first few weeks. I finished getting dressed and left to go to the clinic.

I arrive, mom arrives. I tell her. Of course I didnt want her to find out at the same time I was telling the doctor. I could tell she was instantly scared, worried, and probably many things running through her head. Just then they called us back. As soon as i told the dr (well, im pretty sure mom told them first) they werent even concerned. I think that helped her and I both relax a bit.

Now it was time. The time mom has been waiting for .. and after my morning - i just was ready for some reassurance. The ultrasound lady said before we get to the fun stuff we have to do measurements. So she measured ovaries and cervix...Then finally over to my good ole uterus. And what do we see??

Not one..but TWO healthy, strong, beautiful fluttering hearbeats! Of course they are only bean size right now so pics are hard. But here they are. Meet two little babies that will be known as Baby A and Baby B for the next 8 months.

The reason I had the spotting is normal with multiples. I have a small bleed in between the sacks that will clear up eventually. I haven't had any spotting since yesterday morning, but she said some more may be possible.

As you can imagine - mom is OVER THE MOON!!! She is a bit shocked, i do believe. We made little jokes about multiples and we were calling them babies..but i think deep down she only had herself believing there was just one. She talked on and on and on about how much fun it was going to be to buy 2 of everything. (better her than me)  I'm so excited to cuddle on these little love bugs when they arrive though, i must admit!

For now...I will be enjoying the extra attention from Tim :)   and ice cream!

We still haven't told Riley and Ayden yet. We have another ultrasound slated for May 9th and after that is when we're going to have to because I am having a hard time keeping this from Riley.
She is only 6, yes. But we have been talking over and over about surrogacy to her. Plus she recently watched a reality show with me about a husband and wife that just got pregnany using a surrogate that she was totally involved in. Once we put this all together for her - she is going to be excited. Of course, im sure when the babies come and we don't take them home, I'm sure she will be a little sad - but we will prepare her in many ways and do our best to be sure that neither of them are too sad. Plus we live so close that I am sure we will be visiting alot.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleep...Sleep...All I want to do is SLEEP!!!!

Oh the joys of the first trimester! Although, I haven't been sick at all - most days I feel like i got ran over by a truck. I sit all day at work and am connected to a i can't move far. It is HARD to stay awake as your customers suddenly start to sound like Snoopy..."wah, wah, wah, wah waaaah"

I love my evenings after the kids go to bed to work on projects but these days they are just piling up. Someday i will have energy again.

We had our first prenatal appt on Aptil 16th. Mom and I went. She even got to witness an exam - how fun for her!!! She's going to be scoping it out down there soon enough so might of as well let the fun begin.

Everything is going great and we have an ultrasound on Wednesday. I just sent mom a text with a picture of me rubbing my belly and said "we love you mommy"   Until we know for sure..we call them babies since we put 2 eggs in. Most likely it is just one, but hey - u just never know.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Since I've Posted...

We have had 2 beta's (bloodwork) -

I haven't really had anyone sit down with me to tell me what these numbers mean, but from the doctors excitement and from my fellow surro sisters on facebook - i know their good.

My first level was 462 and then my second, 4 days later,  was 2400. So we definately have a pregnancy and boy do i feel it!!!

I'm so exhausted all the time, which is always my worst part of being pregnant. I've never had morning sickness or really get nauseous - thankfully it seems to be the same way so far this time around as well.

We're still very early.. and Mom is really still on edge. Until we hear a heartbeat, I don't think this will be reality for her. But i feel great...i just really feel like this is it and come on or near 12-12-12 we will have a happy., healthy little baby/babies!! 

Isn't that an awesome due date???

We go Monday for our first prenatal appt at the fertility clinic - i'm hoping we get to do an ultrasound to peek in on whats going on in there. I shall update afterwards.

Goodnight all.

Monday, April 2, 2012

BFP (can u guess what that is???)

By the time I stopped freaking out, called mom, and took a picture - the plus had started to fade but it's there!!

So excited but still just going to relax for blood work and then til heartbeat time. Buuut...this surely is a step in the right direction.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Found these

Looking through another surro sister's blog...her friend had made a page of Surrogacy tumblrs and here are the few i loved!

xtra large for a reason!


Which equals Big Fat Negative.

 Took a home pregnancy test and didn't get the news I wanted. However, this definately does not mean that this transfer has failed. It can take many days for an HPT to give a positive. This has not brought me down at all. We go Thursday for our bloodwork so we will know for sure then.

This doesn't mean I won't test again on my own before then ; )

I have been feeling really good for the most part. Today is the first day I actually felt like something is going on in there. Like a little cramp and almost like I will getting my period feeling. The past few days I had this crazy achiness in my back. This has since subsided for the most part and it can stay away as far as I'm concerned!

Mom checks on me everyday as does a few other people. My Mom, Becki, Landy, and of course Tim - love u guys to pieces!!! Thank you for continuosly asking me how I am, for your visits, cards, chocolate (especially the chocolate) and just to be there for me to talk to. I know there are other friends that check in on me as well and i appreciate you to!

I still talk to these 2 little embies (embryos) and tell them how much their mommy wants them to grow into something special and how we can't wait to meet them - i hope my talks are helping! Keep saying prayers for us...Come on Thursday!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transfer Complete!

It was a great sum it all up. Mom met Tim and I at the office and they both were there for the whole thing. When the Dr said he was now transferring the embryos in through the cathetor, i started to cry and so did mom. Such a great moment. It was over before I knew it and then i basically had to lay upside down for a half an hour. We then left and it was off to the couch..well, not before going through the McDonalds breakfast drivethrough ;)

Tim has been amazing to me, which i knew he would. He's the best husband EVER!!! My mom has been just as great, helping out with the kids since Tim works third shift, and I even had calls and visits from friends that know about it. All of this is helping my time in bed go fast..although my goal is to NOT go fast because it is oh so nice. I almost feel like its not time to get up. Like i should stay laying a few more days just to be sure, but the doctor says after 24 hours it was ok to do so. So tonight i'm sitting up to type this and went outside a bit and sat with the kids. I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Next Thursday - April 5th, i go in for my pregnancy test. I'm sure sometime this weekend I will do an HPT (home preg test) because there is no way i can wait til then!

I feel almost too great. No cramping, no spotting, just that feeling that I know i have 2 little embies inside that i want to take great care of and give them a home for the next 9 months, so i walk slow and probably look like a little old lady!!

Here are some pics from our said it would be ok to post on my blog so here we go!! As you can see..i chose the comfy look ;)
P.S - they are from my cell phone because someone forgot the camera at home : x

after the transfer


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Having Trouble Going to Bed

Pretty much two years in the making (for me) is finally going to happen tomorrow. Many years in the making for mom. I know I need to go to bed, but I can't. I found myself tidying (?) up loose ends around the house and making sure that no one else has to take care of those extras while i'm on bed rest. Plus if i stay up late tonight..i'll most likely sleep more on the couch. Which i can ; )
I really hope to catch up on my DVR as well.

I will give details about how things went as soon as I am home and situated. Til then..sticky thoughts!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All that, for nothing

I'm pretty sure most of this day zoomed by me while I was in deep thought about the starting of the Progesterone in Oil (PIO) injection tonight. You may be thinking.." You have been doing injections for weeks now, whats the big deal?"  Let me go ahead and fill you in. This needle is 10 inches longer and looks like the thickness of a toothpick! (ok, thats a little drastic) But its much bigger and scarier AND it goes in my upper butt area AND Tim has to give it to me, which mean I have no idea when its gonna hit. All of that, had me freaking!

So we got prepped...

While he was doing that..i was laying with my head in a pillow, numbing the spot with an ice pack.
Pretty much seconds later, it was over and i barely even felt it. I have read up on this injection and hear some stories about how sore the area becomes because of the repetitive puncture. We shall see how it goes. Tonight was my first, tomorrow i start 2 a day until I am 10 weeks pregnant.

Today was egg retrieval..however I haven't heard how they made out with that. I'm hoping mom does and lets me know tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The date has.....changed again

This time..I'm really not that annoyed. Ok, well maybe a bit. I went in for my lining check Friday morning and then waited all day for the clinic to call. Finally they did around 3 and said basically that I'm ready and the egg donor is not. My head still hurts from banging it against the wall.
She said to continue the medicines exactly the same and they would call me on Monday.

Guess what today is...Monday!!

They called me around 3:30 and said that the eggs will be retrieved on Wednesday which leaves us with the transfer date of Monday - March 26th.

Now we pray for good little eggs and make this week go fast. I am so excited!!!

Maybe it's really the day plus of bed rest .. Hmmmmm  ; )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And we continue...

Lining is thickening as it's supposed now i started the patch. its an estrogen patch to help boost my lining along and also started estrace. A small blue pill that i take 2..3 times a day. All of this is getting me prepared for the big day. It is actually 2 1/2 weeks from today and when i think about it, i can hardly contain myself!  Mom sent me a message out of no where today telling me she loves me. How lucky am I to have found such a great IM????

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lining Check tomorrow

1 1/2 weeks into my Lupron Shots.

With this being the 3rd time i'm down this road, i've come to realize some of the side effects I get from Lupron. Not sure if anyone else does to. I consider myself a pretty boring person as far as health goes. I had 2 very easy, non issue pregnancies...i'm not allergic to anything...and I've never really had a side effects from any meds i've had to take. This stuff though..i havent been so lucky. Nothing too bad, but just kind of annoying. I wake up almost every day with a headache. And it's not a headache that is bad enough to take me down but it just lingers on ALL day. I also have been having crazy dreams. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking the craziest things are happening. Which in turn means i'm also waking up feeling like i'm in my first trimester of pregnancy, aka - hit by a mac truck. I also have 2 others that are kind of personal but for memories, im putting them out there. Gas and increased sexual desire. And of course - we are on a no sex clause now so too bad, soo sad in that department. Aren't you glad i shared that??

Tomorrow morning I go for my first lining check and blood work. We're hoping my lining is starting to thicken and we're still on target for March 24!

Look what has arrived.... (pretend the date of this post is 02-16-12)

Lupron shots start Thursday Feb 23!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

And the dates are in....

Got my calendar yesterday and we have Saturday March 24th as our transfer date. I guess it could be a day before or day after depnding upon the eggs. All i know is dear lord, please please let there be no more road bumps!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here We Go

Contracts - Check
Period - Check
Egg Donor - Check

As soon as the egg donor gets her period, we begin meds.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My journey and I are still alive, yes

Sorry for the delay. I wonder somedays if I was told ahead of time how much patience I would need for this journey, had i done it? I also am finding myself with this and realizing that i really do have more patience than i ever imagined. And how when so many people tell me that they are in awe of my "go with the flow" attitude, I don't even flinch. I'm not quite sure what they are seeing, but to me - i'm just patiently waiting for something I KNOW that i was put on this earth to do, to happen.

Let me catch up. We had the transfer set for December 12th. About 2 weeks before the clinic calls me and tells me that because the contracts have yet to be signed by all parties, the process has to stop. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!???  I had no idea this was even a possibilty. Apparently mom knew that there was a deadline and didn't mention it to me. Why did we not meet the deadline...??  Here's a little story from what i know...

Dad has decided to not continue with this journey for a few reasons. I may have talked about this in the past. I really do not know all of the details, however the ones I do are pretty detailed so i'm not going to get into anymore than i already have.  Since he has chosen to not go thru, mom now needs to begin this process as a single mom. She had to get all of kinds of OK's from lawyers that it will be accepted for her to do it. This is what held us up. But because we have an egg donor, a sperm donor, and a surrogate involved and it was time for meds to begin: no contract = no meds. I was left at this message "Call us when you get your period"

Yesterday morning, I got my period. Yesterday morning I also got a call from mom.
Mom said that the egg donor she had was "no longer available"  She isnt sure what that means and neither do I.( Because of HIPPA we will probably never know either). But in my head part of me feels so so SO bad for her and the other is like OMG what did i ever get myself in to! How long is this now going to hold us up? I'm going to be 40 and pregnant at this rate!
I called the DR this morning to tell her the news of Aunt Flo and she said Great, we're right on schedule. Mom goes in on Friday to pick a new egg donor and i sit back, take birth control, and wait for my new calendar to come in the mail. Fingers crossed, prayers needed that THIS is it. This has to be it!