Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maternal Fetal Medicine

My next doctor appt was with Maternal Fetal Medicine. This is basically the "high risk" doctors office.
We went in Wednesday May 30th. Mom met me there. I wasn't sure what to expect from this appt because I never had to see a high risk doctor before. As soon as i got there and got checked in they took me in for an ultrasound. We were happily surprised because we didnt really expect to see the two little ones that day. They finally look like little babies and they were bouncing all over the place. I mean, seriously - they were going to make me sick if i stared at them because of how bubbly they were. But heartbeats were perfect, measurements were on target , and we got a clean bill of health.
Dr. Bayliss is who we saw. He was the first person thus far to sit us down and tell us all of the in's and out's of a twin pregnancy. Some things he mentioned...
                                    - I will gain between 40-50 pounds ( are u joking me???)

                                    - Bed rest is a high risk, especially after 20 weeks

                                    - No overtime at work (BONUS!!!)

                                    - When i come home at night i need to just sit on the couch, prop my
                                       feet up and let someone else handle the house work (this just                                         isnt possible but I do use it to my advantage sometimes...shhhh)

I do take it alot easier than I normally do. But i am just not a person to do that. I always have to be doing something. Even though I plan to have this 37 week, healthy, great pregnancy - reality is, bed rest happens often in twin pregnancy and i want to get some of my projects finished up just in case. But again, i am taking it easy and not putting strain on myself. Do a little and break, do a little and break ;)

We have a monthly appt here which we have already scheduled up to the very end. Our next appt is June 27 and guess what - we find out sexes!

Here are some pictures of everyone...

 Baby A (aka Alvin)

 Baby B (aka Emily)

Riley and Ayden have given the kids those temporary names

Me and mom after our appt...I asked her to give me a big real smile because her smiles are always small..and this is what she gave me  LOL

The of course some pics of me and 13 weeks...


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