Saturday, March 31, 2012


Which equals Big Fat Negative.

 Took a home pregnancy test and didn't get the news I wanted. However, this definately does not mean that this transfer has failed. It can take many days for an HPT to give a positive. This has not brought me down at all. We go Thursday for our bloodwork so we will know for sure then.

This doesn't mean I won't test again on my own before then ; )

I have been feeling really good for the most part. Today is the first day I actually felt like something is going on in there. Like a little cramp and almost like I will getting my period feeling. The past few days I had this crazy achiness in my back. This has since subsided for the most part and it can stay away as far as I'm concerned!

Mom checks on me everyday as does a few other people. My Mom, Becki, Landy, and of course Tim - love u guys to pieces!!! Thank you for continuosly asking me how I am, for your visits, cards, chocolate (especially the chocolate) and just to be there for me to talk to. I know there are other friends that check in on me as well and i appreciate you to!

I still talk to these 2 little embies (embryos) and tell them how much their mommy wants them to grow into something special and how we can't wait to meet them - i hope my talks are helping! Keep saying prayers for us...Come on Thursday!!!


  1. It's not over 'til beta! Hope there's a little embie in there taking its sweet time getting comfy. :-)

  2. So great that you are helping someone become a mother!