Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's play a game...

Called Catch Up!!!   I have a feeling this game will become pretty popular over the next few months.
Overtime at my job has picked up, so by the time I get home, get situated and you know - do that mom thing...I. AM. BEAT!!

Soooo...what's new with these babies!!!???

Since I last posted we had two appointments. My first appt was with my regular OB, Lancaster Physicians for Women. I got to meet my first of 3 doctors. Dr. Jones.

Here is how that morning began. I woke up around 6 - PUKING! Really?? No way am i NOW starting morning sickness. I ate breakfast, puked it up. I just felt so so bad. Earlier that week Riley was home from school sick for 2 days but i did not relate the two at the time. Tim had decided to come to the appt with me, mom was also meeting us there. He was then going to take me to work and pick me up after work so we could go out on a date and celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I was pretty excited at him coming along because I normally don't ask or assume he will, given the circumstance. But he is completely supportive of me, so I shouldn't expect any less <3

On the way to our appt, we stopped at Bob Evans for breakfast. I just ate some fruit ontop of a crepe and it seemed to settle ok. Got to our appt and had an exam, all was good under the hood.

So we talked...the doctor got to know mom and then she gave me a prescription for Zofran, assuming this sickness was morning sickness as well. She said that really with twins, it could just be starting late.
We also then discussed the VBAC option over the csection. She made it pretty clear that we really should just schedule the csection. There were more cons than pros..and of course we want to do whats best. So it sounds like at 37 weeks which will be the end of November, we will be welcoming these little boys, girls, boy and girl..hmmmmm who knows!!!

After leaving the appt, Tim was supposed to take me to work. But i just felt way too bad for that. We took a run to the mall so that I could pick up a few pairs of maternity jeans, stopped at Rite Aid so I could get my zofran, and then home to sleep. Woke up and unfortunately the zofran did not work.
At this point I just knew this was not morning sickness. I had a bug. Sure enough, the next day I felt a bit better but i wasn't completely better until that next sunday afternoon. All i know is, thank you thank you for not being morning sickness because if I had to live like this everyday for the next few weeks or whatever - i would NOT be happy. Bless those mama's that do have to go thru this, i have no clue how you do it!

This is my catch up for tonight. I have another appt and some pics - i will do this tomorrow. My eyes are way too heavy for this now.  Good night


  1. Glad to hear it was a passing bug and not lingering morning sickness.

    Granted, I don't know all of the details, but I'm curious as to what the cons are to a VBAC as opposed to major surgery like a c-section, except your doctor might not make it home in time for dinner? If I'm being a nosy Nellie, by all means, ignore me. :-)

  2. Hey Tiffany! There actually were quite a few, which i would've never thought of myself. I don't remember them all now but a few i do remember was that if one of the babies are breeched we will end up having to do a csection anyhow, uterine rupture was another - this would be caused from my csection scar. I'm pretty sure the own pro to vbac was the easier heal time bc of the fact that csec is surgery. There were some more like i said but i'm not one to think too much into detail. If the doctors think its best, i go with the flow ;)

  3. Eh, doctors are just people. Fallible, like the rest of us. I've had too many issues to trust them too much. :)

    There are a lot of pros to VBACs for mom and baby. If you like, I can give you some links about the pros of VBACs, and the actual (miniscule) risk of uterine rupture. But if you prefer I don't, I just shut my mouth on this point and enjoy the rest of your journey with you.