Thursday, August 18, 2011

In a way..still waiting.

Last Thursday was my appointment with The Fertility Center. Yes..a bit behind. Alot of things going on with my job, that has led me to be a temporary stay at home mom. I love every minute of it, but I am so much busier now than i was when i worked. How's that happen? My doctor did a brief interview with me and a quick exam. Nothing that actually went in and looked at the almighty "spot". On August 30, i will start my first injection of Lupron for the mock cycle. Sept 9 i go in for my first ultrasound. We leave at that...and wait.

Idah and I have been trying to plan a lunch date. She is a third shifter, so it gets tough.
She called me today to ask me to help her plan a baby shower for her friend who is pregnant with twins. How did she know that I LOVE this stuff! I'm again still on cloud 9 about all of this. Hoping, praying, fingers crossing that this all works out!