Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here We Go

Contracts - Check
Period - Check
Egg Donor - Check

As soon as the egg donor gets her period, we begin meds.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My journey and I are still alive, yes

Sorry for the delay. I wonder somedays if I was told ahead of time how much patience I would need for this journey, had i done it? I also am finding myself with this and realizing that i really do have more patience than i ever imagined. And how when so many people tell me that they are in awe of my "go with the flow" attitude, I don't even flinch. I'm not quite sure what they are seeing, but to me - i'm just patiently waiting for something I KNOW that i was put on this earth to do, to happen.

Let me catch up. We had the transfer set for December 12th. About 2 weeks before the clinic calls me and tells me that because the contracts have yet to be signed by all parties, the process has to stop. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!???  I had no idea this was even a possibilty. Apparently mom knew that there was a deadline and didn't mention it to me. Why did we not meet the deadline...??  Here's a little story from what i know...

Dad has decided to not continue with this journey for a few reasons. I may have talked about this in the past. I really do not know all of the details, however the ones I do are pretty detailed so i'm not going to get into anymore than i already have.  Since he has chosen to not go thru, mom now needs to begin this process as a single mom. She had to get all of kinds of OK's from lawyers that it will be accepted for her to do it. This is what held us up. But because we have an egg donor, a sperm donor, and a surrogate involved and it was time for meds to begin: no contract = no meds. I was left at this message "Call us when you get your period"

Yesterday morning, I got my period. Yesterday morning I also got a call from mom.
Mom said that the egg donor she had was "no longer available"  She isnt sure what that means and neither do I.( Because of HIPPA we will probably never know either). But in my head part of me feels so so SO bad for her and the other is like OMG what did i ever get myself in to! How long is this now going to hold us up? I'm going to be 40 and pregnant at this rate!
I called the DR this morning to tell her the news of Aunt Flo and she said Great, we're right on schedule. Mom goes in on Friday to pick a new egg donor and i sit back, take birth control, and wait for my new calendar to come in the mail. Fingers crossed, prayers needed that THIS is it. This has to be it!