Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleep...Sleep...All I want to do is SLEEP!!!!

Oh the joys of the first trimester! Although, I haven't been sick at all - most days I feel like i got ran over by a truck. I sit all day at work and am connected to a i can't move far. It is HARD to stay awake as your customers suddenly start to sound like Snoopy..."wah, wah, wah, wah waaaah"

I love my evenings after the kids go to bed to work on projects but these days they are just piling up. Someday i will have energy again.

We had our first prenatal appt on Aptil 16th. Mom and I went. She even got to witness an exam - how fun for her!!! She's going to be scoping it out down there soon enough so might of as well let the fun begin.

Everything is going great and we have an ultrasound on Wednesday. I just sent mom a text with a picture of me rubbing my belly and said "we love you mommy"   Until we know for sure..we call them babies since we put 2 eggs in. Most likely it is just one, but hey - u just never know.

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  1. Ah yes... first trimester fun. I have always had SEVERE morning (and noon... and night...) sickness, but this time the fatigue was killer, too.