Saturday, October 20, 2012

Appointment overload

We are now on weekly appointments because of everything. One ultrasound at maternal fetal medicine (high risk dr) followed by an appt at the OB. The weekly ultrasound is basically just to check my cervix, make sure it isn't opening. Then the OB is to check blood pressure, weight (ugh) - nothing like a weekly reminder of that, and heartbeat check. Up until Wednesday which was our 8 month check, everything has been going smooth. I've been allowed to drive to my appointments as well as drive to drop off or pick up kids from school. It made me feel a bit normal. But since out little stint in the hospital the babies have managed to stay cool and calm in my baker for another month. We are all happy about that!!

Wednesday we went in for our 8 month check followed by and NST (non stress test). The babies are growing A (boy) is weighing in at a whopping 4.5lbs and baby girl is 4.6. Idah finally got some pretty good 3D pics. She works third shift and missed the ultrasound appt so i was happy to give her some nice photos.

She made it in time for the NST. As soon as we hooked up the machine, it was showing that I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. Oye! I wasn't feeling even one of them. I then saw a flash of what the rest of the day would be like for us. After being hooked up for 20 minutes, the contractions didn't stop. We were sent over to my OB who checked my cervix, it was still closed. She then got called to a delivery and had to go. We got sent to triage for more contraction monitoring.
Contractions were still happening and i then actually started to feel some. Maybe like 2 every half hour. They admitted us for overnight obs. Around 830 that night i stopped feeling them even though they were still happening. Poor Idah had come right from working a 10 hour shift, so once we got our room she laid on the couch and i didnt hear from her til the next morning. Tim and the kids came in to visit for a bit that evening, but for the most part i just watched tv and relaxed. The next morning they checked my cervix again and it was still closed, so they discharged us. That night the almighty swelling started. My feet were huge, i now have kankles and my calves are just out of control. Now its not just bed rest - its feet elevated as well. What. A. Mess!!!
I'm weighing in a 193.5 - never weighed this much in life. My husband and I actually weigh the exact same thing right now. He finds it, not so much.
The kids have been gone all day today and tonight - i miss them terribly but I have enjoyed this day of no worries. I took a few naps, watched a few movies, Tim and i went for a junk food run (which was so weird without the kids)  and now doing some computer catch up, while Tim snores on the couch beside me. Next appointment is Wednesday which is another NST. Another hospital stay?? We shall see.

8 months



  1. Clearly you've had those babies by now. How are you doing?!

  2. Anyone know what is going on and why she stopped posting? I hope everything is ok!

  3. Hey ladies! 2 years later, start of the new year and guess who is vowing to restart blogging. I'm not sure why I never did finish this blog, kind've embarrassing. It has been fun re-reading it all though. We did have a C-section on Aug 24. My water broke at like 7 am. Both babies were and still are, super healthy. I will make a blog post with some pics. Thanks for asking, it was really cool to see that here but so sorry I left you hanging!