Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transfer Complete!

It was a great day...to sum it all up. Mom met Tim and I at the office and they both were there for the whole thing. When the Dr said he was now transferring the embryos in through the cathetor, i started to cry and so did mom. Such a great moment. It was over before I knew it and then i basically had to lay upside down for a half an hour. We then left and it was off to the couch..well, not before going through the McDonalds breakfast drivethrough ;)

Tim has been amazing to me, which i knew he would. He's the best husband EVER!!! My mom has been just as great, helping out with the kids since Tim works third shift, and I even had calls and visits from friends that know about it. All of this is helping my time in bed go fast..although my goal is to NOT go fast because it is oh so nice. I almost feel like its not time to get up. Like i should stay laying a few more days just to be sure, but the doctor says after 24 hours it was ok to do so. So tonight i'm sitting up to type this and went outside a bit and sat with the kids. I'm heading back to work tomorrow. Next Thursday - April 5th, i go in for my pregnancy test. I'm sure sometime this weekend I will do an HPT (home preg test) because there is no way i can wait til then!

I feel great...like almost too great. No cramping, no spotting, just that feeling that I know i have 2 little embies inside that i want to take great care of and give them a home for the next 9 months, so i walk slow and probably look like a little old lady!!

Here are some pics from our day...mom said it would be ok to post on my blog so here we go!! As you can see..i chose the comfy look ;)
P.S - they are from my cell phone because someone forgot the camera at home : x

after the transfer



  1. Glad everything went so well! Can't wait to see some lines!

    (It's a little strange to me that I spent a few days reading all of your blog, and now it's happening in real time. :-) )

  2. Good luck and can't wait to see the HPT pics!

  3. So can't wait to HPT. How long after transfer did u try Cheldi?

    Tiffany..i was thinking the opposite with you. Soo glad i caught up with you in the beginning because my eyes get so googly when i try to read so many post at once!! I feel like i will get to follow each step with u..in real time to!