Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 month Checkup

Can you say...Boring!!  But that's a good boring. Blood Pressure is fine, weight gain she said is fine but it was up 4 pounds since last month, and heartbeats for both were heard. I'm gonna put it out there for record keeping purposes. I'm at 170 now. This is what i was at during my last month of pregnancy with both of my own kids  : x
Of course when i left there, i realized there were 2 questions I wanted to ask and I didn't..oops. I'll save them for the 5 month check up. Mom didn't come with me to this appt. It's a pretty far drive for her to come for a 5 minute appt. Towards the end I'm sure they will attend these.

Saturday morning I met mom at Babies R Us. She wanted to start browsing baby stuff and i was soo happy when she asked me to meet her there. Tim had to work third shift the night before so we had 2 tag alongs. It's always nice meeting up with her, we always have a good time together.
We had a great time looking at all of the ideas, oooohing and ahhhhing over all of the adorable baby stuff! She decided not to register that day though because while most of the stuff was cute, she wasn't in love with alot of the "big" things. So she is going to do some more research and then register from there.

This Babies R Us is a trap! It is attached to Toys R Us and inside the building the two are connected. The whole time through Babies R Us, my kids were asking "can we go to toys rus, when can we, can we go now?!"

Since they were fairly good during Idah and I's shopping, i decided to give them each a $10.00 max over at Toys R Us. When we got to the register, Idah actually paid for their toys. So awesome! I could get used to this treatment ; )

I had read in my surrogate facebook page about this body pillow that is amazing during pregnancy. So i mentioned it to mom the other day that i wanted to look into purchasing one. As we were leaving, i was putting the kids in the car and she surprised me with a big bag. In it.. a body pillow! She said she had actually bought it for me before i even said anything to her about it. How freaking awesome!! I have slept with it every night since and let me just say..it is even more tough to get out of bed in the morning. I highly recommend this for everyone - pregnant or not!

Some pics from our day out...



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