Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final Graduation Day!!!

So today was an exciting day.

Last Wednesday morning we had another ultrasound and got to see the little beans. They are both just where they should be and heartbeats are strong. Baby A was 168 and baby B was 171.
After this appt, we graduated from the fertility clinic. 2 years strong and we are finally moving on. Of course it was sad..not only have i grown to know these doctors and staff, Mom has actually been going here for almost 5 years. So she was way ahead of me on those relationships. The clinic was actually making jokes (which i dont think mom found too funny) but that because of how much money she spent there they are going to have a baby room in the clinic dedicated to her and the twins.

Here is a picture of our little celebrities... The internal ultrasounds for me are not the clearest because of the way my uterus lies - but u can at least see how much they've grown.

So this brings me back to today. TODAY was my last day of all of the fertility meds. No more injections, no more remembering to take 2 pills, 3 times a day. All i have to remember now are my vitamins. I think Tim may be a bit upset that he no longer gets that daily view of my tush but arrangements could be made ;)

And also TODAY...i had my first appointment with my new OB office. When i was pregnant with Riley, I had the BEST doctor. I love her to this day. In the middle of my pregnancy with Ayden, she turned into just a GYN office. The OB was taking her away from her family too much and she had to make changes. I was so bummed by this because I knew that she was one of the few small, one on one baby doctors which is what i strived for. So to finish out Aydens birth, we went to OBGYN of Lancaster and i did. not. like. it! Every appt I saw someone different and they didnt know jack about me. I barely even knew the doctor delivering Ayden. The only thing i did like, is that Rileys doctor delivered at The Heart of Lancaster Hospital in Lititz - Aydens doctors delivered at The Womens and Babies. I really wanted an experience at the W&B hospital because its where everyone i know has their babies. Well, since Ayden was born - OBGYN moved to now also delivering at the Heart of Lancaster. (lost yet?)  So now i had to make a decision. Lititz was just too far for Mom and Dad to have to travel from their house. So i went on a search for a W&B office.
I have heard about the Lancaster Physicians for Women. I heard how there are only 3 doctors, all women and how personal and down to earth they were. They took my insurance, so it seemed like an easy decision to me.
I met with a nurse today. Just to go over the do's and don'ts of pregnancy, answering questions, giving me tips on pregnancy with multiples, insurance info, etc...
She actually told me that I am their first surrogate. Which was really shocking to me, but i think its pretty cool. Maybe I'll get some extra special attention?? ( a girl can try, right?)
I had a few things I needed to now talk to Mom about. One of them being if she wanted to do the first trimester testing, It basically checks for Down Syndrome and a few other things. I never had this test done with my own kids and after talking to mom, i am pretty sure she isn't going to either.
I also have to make the decision if i want to try a VBAC delivery (vaginal birth after c section) or just go right to the c section. I have to sit down and educate myself on the pro's and con's since I have never been put in this position before. I am hoping as we go along, the doctors will steer me in the right direction. I really really REALLY want to do vaginal, but of course just whatever is best for the babies is what we will do. Our next appointment which is with a doctor is this friday.

Riley and Ayden now know. They are the best kids! They think that this is the coolest thing and at any given chance, do not hesitate to tell everyone in our path that mommy is having babies for someone else. They did want to name the babies and even after telling them that the babies mommy and daddy will do that, they still did give them their own names. Baby A has been named Alvin, by Ayden and baby B has been named Emily by Riley. They kiss them, they read to them, they talk to them and they draw family pictures now that include my belly which is about the size of 10 beach balls already in these pics. In a few months I will have to have my own page seperate from the rest of the family. I think we did a great job of introducing this to them and educating them in a manor that is age appropriate. I am 10 weeks today and that means i should have only about 2 weeks for my energy to come back. Please Please PLEASE...i need you Mr. Energy!!!



Monday, May 7, 2012

I am...

Always Hungry!!!  Man...I know there are two in there but gheesh!! Thankfully still no sickness and my urge to eat is easily satisfied with fruit. I feel like all i am doing is eating something though.

I even have a little bump starting already. Honestly i've still had a leftover bump from my own kids - if that's even legal to still claim 4 years later. But my jeans are getting harder to button and since I sit all day - i think i will be moving on to the good ole elastic bands very soon.

Wednesday morning we have another ultrasound. Can't wait to see these little beans!!!