Thursday, August 30, 2012


Whew!!! Where has time gone??  This pregnancy has gone just too quick. I'm pretty sure I say this in every post, but I really just cannot believe it.

We have a C-Section date! November 27th. A few days after Thanksgiving. You know why this is great???  Because I will have one last excuse to eat as much as I want : )

We had our 6 month ultrasound last week. Even though everyone is going on about how small I look, the babies are growing right on target. We had the full heart anatomies done and everything looks great. Baby A is about 1.9lbs (the boy) and baby B is about 1.8 (the girl). They were so active that we didnt get any good 3D's like we had hoped. Maybe next time.

When i say active, I mean ACTIVE!! There isn't much time throughout the day that I am not being kicked, punched, head butted, or whatever else possible they can do to me. It really is one of lifes best experiences. I have been feeling great, like almost what I think is too great!! Although on one not so great experience, my back has still been an issue. It has simmered down a bit as far as how often, but every evening as I sit down to work on the computer, is when it hurts the most. This is the reason why this blog is not getting the updates that I want it to.

I realized as i was getting ready to snap some 6 month photos, that honestly this week I just didnt have much time to get all prettied up and do, realized that I was wearing the same shirt from a few photo shoots ago. In case you notice ;)

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  1. You look great. :) And I would wear the hell out of that top. It's super cute!