Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lining Check tomorrow

1 1/2 weeks into my Lupron Shots.

With this being the 3rd time i'm down this road, i've come to realize some of the side effects I get from Lupron. Not sure if anyone else does to. I consider myself a pretty boring person as far as health goes. I had 2 very easy, non issue pregnancies...i'm not allergic to anything...and I've never really had a side effects from any meds i've had to take. This stuff though..i havent been so lucky. Nothing too bad, but just kind of annoying. I wake up almost every day with a headache. And it's not a headache that is bad enough to take me down but it just lingers on ALL day. I also have been having crazy dreams. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking the craziest things are happening. Which in turn means i'm also waking up feeling like i'm in my first trimester of pregnancy, aka - hit by a mac truck. I also have 2 others that are kind of personal but for memories, im putting them out there. Gas and increased sexual desire. And of course - we are on a no sex clause now so too bad, soo sad in that department. Aren't you glad i shared that??

Tomorrow morning I go for my first lining check and blood work. We're hoping my lining is starting to thicken and we're still on target for March 24!

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