Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All that, for nothing

I'm pretty sure most of this day zoomed by me while I was in deep thought about the starting of the Progesterone in Oil (PIO) injection tonight. You may be thinking.." You have been doing injections for weeks now, whats the big deal?"  Let me go ahead and fill you in. This needle is 10 inches longer and looks like the thickness of a toothpick! (ok, thats a little drastic) But its much bigger and scarier AND it goes in my upper butt area AND Tim has to give it to me, which mean I have no idea when its gonna hit. All of that, had me freaking!

So we got prepped...

While he was doing that..i was laying with my head in a pillow, numbing the spot with an ice pack.
Pretty much seconds later, it was over and i barely even felt it. I have read up on this injection and hear some stories about how sore the area becomes because of the repetitive puncture. We shall see how it goes. Tonight was my first, tomorrow i start 2 a day until I am 10 weeks pregnant.

Today was egg retrieval..however I haven't heard how they made out with that. I'm hoping mom does and lets me know tomorrow.

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  1. Glad that first PIO went well! I have been feeling SO lucky I didn't need them, even though many of the surrogates who use the same RE as me hates the suppositories and lozenges so much they actually asked for the PIO. Not me!