Thursday, April 12, 2012

Since I've Posted...

We have had 2 beta's (bloodwork) -

I haven't really had anyone sit down with me to tell me what these numbers mean, but from the doctors excitement and from my fellow surro sisters on facebook - i know their good.

My first level was 462 and then my second, 4 days later,  was 2400. So we definately have a pregnancy and boy do i feel it!!!

I'm so exhausted all the time, which is always my worst part of being pregnant. I've never had morning sickness or really get nauseous - thankfully it seems to be the same way so far this time around as well.

We're still very early.. and Mom is really still on edge. Until we hear a heartbeat, I don't think this will be reality for her. But i feel great...i just really feel like this is it and come on or near 12-12-12 we will have a happy., healthy little baby/babies!! 

Isn't that an awesome due date???

We go Monday for our first prenatal appt at the fertility clinic - i'm hoping we get to do an ultrasound to peek in on whats going on in there. I shall update afterwards.

Goodnight all.


  1. Wonderful news! I think an IM would be even more nervous than IF's tend to be. It's hard to relax when the reality of pregnancy isn't always all great news. But those are great numbers and you're well on your way now! Your doc might not want to try to find a heartbeat this early with the IM there, just because they can't always hear it this early and don't want to scare her - but I hope they do!

  2. Nice, strong numbers! Is your IM hoping for twins, or she'll just be thrilled for healthy baby(ies) in whatever denomination?