Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7th Inning Stretch

Ok, well 7th month stretch is more like it. Tomorrow morning we have our 7th month ultrasound. I so hope we get some good 3D pics of these little ones. However, as much as they move around I'm gonna take a guess that it's not gonna happen.

I am excited for mom to hopefully feel her first kicks tomorrow!

2 weeks ago we did have our 6 month OB appt. I only gained 4 pounds (179) since my last appt, a pound a week. I figured it wouldn't be much because I still do not have much of an appetite. But don't worry, i do eat. I just don't have all of those crazy cravings (i'm quite sad about this) or crazy need to eat all the time. She said I am measuring just fine and the babies are perfect size. So, no worries.

I am enjoying this pregnancy so much! Maybe it's because I am stress/plan free, maybe it's the fact that this could be the last time I am ever pregnant again. I'm not sure. I loved my own pregnancies but this of course is just different. I love watching Riley and Ayden sit there and just stare waiting for any type of movement to happen. I love how they kiss my belly a few times a day. I love how they tell everyone we come in contact with who asks them "are you guys having a baby brother or baby sister?", our story. I love feeling 2 babies moving around in there 95% of my day.

I say this now because i am sure in the next month - i'll be at "that point" that it's just time to be over. And these thoughts will be far and few and in between : )

Alot of my surro sisters have told me to be prepared to want to do it again. Is it wrong that I feel that way already?? I'd have alot of thinking to do, but I don't think I will shut the door on it just yet. I just can't get it out of my mind, the day that these babies are born and being able to see the new mother and father holding them. That is going to be one.great.day!

Most of my surro sisters and myself will tell you - there is so much more reasoning behind being a surrogate than the almighty question that we get asked constantly "Do you get paid to do this?"
If one day my sister needs me to have a baby for her, i will no doubt do it at no cost. When you come into it the way I did, not personally knowing someone who needed a surrogate, there is compensation involved for pain, suffering, and all of the emotion al roller coaster that comes along with it.
So Tim and I got to sit down and think about what we would do with this "compensation" and we chose to take the kids on a nice trip to Disney. We aren't gonna hold anything back because it's not only the kids first time, but Tim's first time there as well. We are booking it this week and I am so thankful to have not only had the opportunity to make someone elses dreams come true - in return, the morning that we are leaving for Disney is the morning we will tell the kids we are going, that day when i see my childrens faces - I will feel the best mom and luckiest person ever!!
I better get to bed..ultrasound is early tomorrow. I leave you with some 6 month pics!

 My little man and I

 A pic I sent to mom this week
Look at that baby belly!!!!
PS...Not a sign of stretch marks yet!!! TRIPLE BONUS!

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