Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mock Cycle = Over ( i think )

My appointment already had a good vibe to it when i arrived early in hopes to getting out early enough to make it to work without being late. They took me right on in, a half an hour early. WOOT!!!

My Doctor was not in just yet so I would not be talking to them, just had my ultrasound. The ultrasound tech measured my lining and said it was definately thicker and should be right where we want it to be.
I left, went to work and waited. As my lunch approached, I still had not heard from the office so i called. Come to find out, my Doctor wasn't even in the office today. Nice, right? A nurse reviewed my ultrasound and told me to stop my meds. This is a good thing. Since this was just a mock, i'm pretty sure I stop all meds, get a period, and we start meds again. This is what I think. But for now, i'm going to go to bed and await my phone call tomorrow!

I did call "mom" tonight to. She has been through sooo much that it is hard for her to get excited about each step. I however, can't control my excitement with each step. So when i called her, i said to her - you need to get excited, this is it. I'm confident this is going to happen for you!
Then I said...jump up and down 3 times and scream. Just do it! Sure enough, she sat the phone down and did it.  ; )   She is closer now than she ever has been to becoming a mom and I am going to do whatever it takes to make it happen for her!  

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