Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting a thicker day at a time!

I logged in tonight and couldn't believe that I didn't update my blog after my last appointment. I built up all of that excitement and just left it hanging.

So Rewind to that day first. I got to my appointment and was waiting in the waiting room when i heard the door open. Who was it? Idah! (the intended mom)   She had known about the appointment and wanted to surprise me. Isn't she awesome?? She said she knew how anxious I had been feeling and didn't want me to be alone.
I got called back to appointment, had my ultrasound done and.........
                                                                                 NO. SPOT !!!!

Eat that uterus! If it wouldn't have been for some long camera thing hanging out from my insides, i would have done about 1,000 screams, jumps, hugs to the nurse, etc.....!! Lucky for her, i stayed put.

My doctor wasn't in yet so I had to leave there not knowing much else of what would happen from here.
I got to tell Idah who smiled from ear to ear and we shared a nice hug in the office. We then hung out in the parking lot talking for a bit, sharing some feelings, hopes, and just overall excitement about this whole thing.

Later that day I did get a call from my doctor, giving me the next weeks instructions. It was time to start an oral pill (estrodial) two times a day and lower my Lupron to 5 units each evening. Next followup appt - Tuesday Sept 20.

That was yesterday...

Again no doctor present. The nurse who was doing my ultrasound said that everything looks great but my uterine lining is still pretty thin. In medical terms - it should be at a 7.5 and I am at a 6.4. She did say this is pretty normal and its the reason why they the mock. This way they can see how much of what meds I need to get my lining right where it should be for the real deal.
Got a call from the Dr later that day who confirmed it is a little too thin to stop the mock. So i now up my dose of the oral meds to 3 times a day and i go back Tuesday.

Recap: Its all good under the hood and we are back to waiting!

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