Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trial Run = Over

So July 6th has come...and gone. So glad that wait is OVER! Mom is back to work, Jae had to work, so this meant Tim had to leave work a little early to be home for me to leave for Bel Air Wednesday morning at 6am. I really do not remember much of the ride there because thoughts were just parusing my mind the whole time. Even the elevator ride up to the clinic - don't remember that either. I went in, had my bloodwork and then she came in to do my ultrasound. The next words I remember quite well - "Miranda, everything is great!" She i'm sure thought I was a bit odd when i sat up as quick as I could and loudly said "Really, no fluid spots on my uterus?" I was quite a happy camper leaving the office. I just wanted to call Susan (the IM..intended mom, remember?) but our relationship level is not at that yet. So i called Tim and Mom and Jaelyn and emailed Becky...HA!!
I still had to wait almost all day to hear from my nurse as to what I do next. And actually my normal nurse was on it was even longer than the norm. She told me that I need to take 5 days of Provera (a pill i take before i go to bed) and this is to bring on my period within a few days of the last dose. Tonight is my day 5. On day one of my period I am to notify my nurse. I think that this then starts the REAL cycle. However, I still have not heard from my nurse since she has been back from vacation so i really am not sure as to what will happen after day one. I'm sure I will hear from her tomorrow. It really isn't like her. She was on vaca for a few days so she could just be running a bit behind. In the meantime...We are starting to take care of contracts and getting them signed.
Wanna see the hottest doctor in town...? I love his faces ")


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