Monday, October 10, 2011's here!

I got my period last Wednesday night. Too late to call the "doctors office", so i waited til morning. Left a message for my doctor pretty early, as she was on her way between offices. Waited all day for a call backi, hoping I was getting a transfer date and no call. So around 4:15, i decided to try them back. They were closed.

Friday morning I called back again. Come to find out, my Doctor is out of the office all day. Lovely.
Got a call back later that day with instructions to start my birth control Sunday night and I will hear from her Monday or Tuesday. Monday has come and gone, no call. Crossing fingers my anxiety (good anxiety) is put to rest tomorrow with a phone call telling me whats next, the suspense is KILLING ME!

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  1. Yay for AF! (words rarely uttered by anyone other than us surros!) Hope you hear from the doctor today and find out what the plan is!