Thursday, August 30, 2012


Whew!!! Where has time gone??  This pregnancy has gone just too quick. I'm pretty sure I say this in every post, but I really just cannot believe it.

We have a C-Section date! November 27th. A few days after Thanksgiving. You know why this is great???  Because I will have one last excuse to eat as much as I want : )

We had our 6 month ultrasound last week. Even though everyone is going on about how small I look, the babies are growing right on target. We had the full heart anatomies done and everything looks great. Baby A is about 1.9lbs (the boy) and baby B is about 1.8 (the girl). They were so active that we didnt get any good 3D's like we had hoped. Maybe next time.

When i say active, I mean ACTIVE!! There isn't much time throughout the day that I am not being kicked, punched, head butted, or whatever else possible they can do to me. It really is one of lifes best experiences. I have been feeling great, like almost what I think is too great!! Although on one not so great experience, my back has still been an issue. It has simmered down a bit as far as how often, but every evening as I sit down to work on the computer, is when it hurts the most. This is the reason why this blog is not getting the updates that I want it to.

I realized as i was getting ready to snap some 6 month photos, that honestly this week I just didnt have much time to get all prettied up and do, realized that I was wearing the same shirt from a few photo shoots ago. In case you notice ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

5 month OB

Mama came to this appt in hopes we were picking our C-Section date, buuut that didn't happen :(

She was pretty bummed and i was to, just not as bummed as i would've been had i been in her shoes.

I gained 5 pounds, so now up to 175. After i gain the next 5 pounds, which is clearly going to happen - i will be at the highest weight in my 32 years. Its crazy though because even though with past pregnancys, I have weighed this much and even though that was at the very end - i still don't look as heavy now, as I did then. I seem to be carrying just belly. I am very thankful. I already have enough work to do after these guys come, let's contain it where we can THANK YOU!
However, we do have 15 weeks to go, so still plenty of time for that to happen.

Blood pressure was great, we discussed physical therapy for the back discomfort I've been having but oddly enough, I haven't had any since that appt. That was the worst and it can stay away, far away.

Riley and Ayden have been totally involved with the growing bump. Kissing, reading stories, and talking to the babies. They can't wait to see their new "cousins"!