Friday, May 6, 2011

How did we get here??

That is the question...the #1 question to be exact. So here is MY story, OUR journey, and hopefully in the end - THEIR new precious family member(s)!!

Growing up..pregnancy fascinated me. I read any book that had a pregnancy in it, I watched any tv show/movie that would be about pregnancy or someone having a baby, and I dreamt of the day that it would be me. When my time came, it was more than I ever imagined. It was better than the movies! Just wish I could've lost the weight as fast as those women did! I LOVED being pregnant. I'm also a person that loves to give. I will give to anyone if can. So when you combine these two get surrogacy. In the back of my mind, I knew someday I would love to give somebody their dream of being a mother/father. Feeling that love like I now have. Everyone in the world should have a love like having your own child in their lifetime. (Even if that is in the form of an animal instead of a human child, for some)

In 2009, Tim had come across an ad where an agency had been looking for surrogate moms. WOW...can you imagine the thoughts in my head when HE came to ME about it? He must have thought about it on his own for a few days because it wasn't immediate that he told me. Tim is one of the most supporting people I have ever met. You will agree as we continue through this journey. Anything I wanna do...he is usually at agreeance.(as i am for him as well, had to add that) Except when it comes to shopping..hmmm?? We talked about it and by the end of that week I had filled out the application, did a backround check and Boom!, I was now listed in what I like to think was a book of other possible surrogate mom profiles. So fast, but so exciting. scary. anxious.

Within I'd say 2 months we were called. There was a family right here in York that had wanted to move further with us. We went thru most of the motions and then it just stopped. Here to find out that the family had some personal issues and were no longer moving on. I did build a relationship with the intended mom (the term used for the soon to be mother) and we have met up a few times. We were all sad that the process ended. The surrogate agency asked me if I would still keep my profile why not?

6 months later...
We get a call asking if we are ready. Ummm..Errrr...Are we? YES!! YES!! I am sooo ready, let's go!
We met the IP's (intended parents) at the Isaac's here in York one Saturday afternoon. I felt an instant connection with them in only the hour we were together. We laughed, shared family stories, had a Penguin of course (ha!) and left. Monday got the call I been waiting for all weekend " the IP's want to move forward'.
It's probably weird but i can remember thinking for a little bit that day "i wonder why? i wonder what i said, or what i did that they chose us?" Someday - maybe i will know. For now, i feel truly honored and I am just going to sit back and enjoy this ride (most of it, anyhow).
As of today we are a few months into it, (not preggers yet) so i have to catch you ALL up. Once I'm done there - I think i will play a Q&A game so as we go thru this, u understand a little more from where I am coming from, where Tim is coming from, and of course - what my own little offspring think.

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