Thursday, April 26, 2012


So after what feels like forever (was only a day and a half) of not being able to get on my blogger account..i FINALLY get to share our news. Especially since we haven't really publicly told alot of people that we were even pregnant's been killing me to not vent it out on here.

But first...i gotta share from the beginning of the day.

Wednesday April 25, 2012 - our ultrasound was set for 8:30am. I was having such a hard time
sleeping thinking about how excited i knew mom was and of course how anxious I was. But i finally remember last looking at the tv around midnight. Around 2:30am I woke up to my becoming normal and frequent mid sleep full bladder. As i walked to the bathroom I started to feel that it was kind of "wet" down there...almost like i had gotten my period. So i started walking faster. I pee'd and wiped...and my heart dropped. I was bleeding. It wasn't alot and it wasnt flowing like a period. It was just one or two wipes of spotting and thats it. I felt perfectly fine, no cramping, no pain, nothing. I didnt feel that it was an emergency since like i said, it was little and stopped. I went back to bed..not to sleep immediately because of course i was worried and was having so many crazy thoughts. I probably went back to the bathroom and checked about 10 times before i finally was able to fall asleep.
I woek up before my alarm...which NEVER happens and pretty much ran to the bathroom where there was a little more spotting again. I was so worried now. I was having such a hard time getting dressed and focusing on Riley and Ayden. Tim walked in (he works 3rd shift) and looked at me and said "whats wrong" - i didnt realize it showed that much, for him to notice something was
But of course, i immediately started crying and told him. He did some checking online and assured me that everything he was reading said some spotting is normal in the first few weeks. I finished getting dressed and left to go to the clinic.

I arrive, mom arrives. I tell her. Of course I didnt want her to find out at the same time I was telling the doctor. I could tell she was instantly scared, worried, and probably many things running through her head. Just then they called us back. As soon as i told the dr (well, im pretty sure mom told them first) they werent even concerned. I think that helped her and I both relax a bit.

Now it was time. The time mom has been waiting for .. and after my morning - i just was ready for some reassurance. The ultrasound lady said before we get to the fun stuff we have to do measurements. So she measured ovaries and cervix...Then finally over to my good ole uterus. And what do we see??

Not one..but TWO healthy, strong, beautiful fluttering hearbeats! Of course they are only bean size right now so pics are hard. But here they are. Meet two little babies that will be known as Baby A and Baby B for the next 8 months.

The reason I had the spotting is normal with multiples. I have a small bleed in between the sacks that will clear up eventually. I haven't had any spotting since yesterday morning, but she said some more may be possible.

As you can imagine - mom is OVER THE MOON!!! She is a bit shocked, i do believe. We made little jokes about multiples and we were calling them babies..but i think deep down she only had herself believing there was just one. She talked on and on and on about how much fun it was going to be to buy 2 of everything. (better her than me)  I'm so excited to cuddle on these little love bugs when they arrive though, i must admit!

For now...I will be enjoying the extra attention from Tim :)   and ice cream!

We still haven't told Riley and Ayden yet. We have another ultrasound slated for May 9th and after that is when we're going to have to because I am having a hard time keeping this from Riley.
She is only 6, yes. But we have been talking over and over about surrogacy to her. Plus she recently watched a reality show with me about a husband and wife that just got pregnany using a surrogate that she was totally involved in. Once we put this all together for her - she is going to be excited. Of course, im sure when the babies come and we don't take them home, I'm sure she will be a little sad - but we will prepare her in many ways and do our best to be sure that neither of them are too sad. Plus we live so close that I am sure we will be visiting alot.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sleep...Sleep...All I want to do is SLEEP!!!!

Oh the joys of the first trimester! Although, I haven't been sick at all - most days I feel like i got ran over by a truck. I sit all day at work and am connected to a i can't move far. It is HARD to stay awake as your customers suddenly start to sound like Snoopy..."wah, wah, wah, wah waaaah"

I love my evenings after the kids go to bed to work on projects but these days they are just piling up. Someday i will have energy again.

We had our first prenatal appt on Aptil 16th. Mom and I went. She even got to witness an exam - how fun for her!!! She's going to be scoping it out down there soon enough so might of as well let the fun begin.

Everything is going great and we have an ultrasound on Wednesday. I just sent mom a text with a picture of me rubbing my belly and said "we love you mommy"   Until we know for sure..we call them babies since we put 2 eggs in. Most likely it is just one, but hey - u just never know.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Since I've Posted...

We have had 2 beta's (bloodwork) -

I haven't really had anyone sit down with me to tell me what these numbers mean, but from the doctors excitement and from my fellow surro sisters on facebook - i know their good.

My first level was 462 and then my second, 4 days later,  was 2400. So we definately have a pregnancy and boy do i feel it!!!

I'm so exhausted all the time, which is always my worst part of being pregnant. I've never had morning sickness or really get nauseous - thankfully it seems to be the same way so far this time around as well.

We're still very early.. and Mom is really still on edge. Until we hear a heartbeat, I don't think this will be reality for her. But i feel great...i just really feel like this is it and come on or near 12-12-12 we will have a happy., healthy little baby/babies!! 

Isn't that an awesome due date???

We go Monday for our first prenatal appt at the fertility clinic - i'm hoping we get to do an ultrasound to peek in on whats going on in there. I shall update afterwards.

Goodnight all.

Monday, April 2, 2012

BFP (can u guess what that is???)

By the time I stopped freaking out, called mom, and took a picture - the plus had started to fade but it's there!!

So excited but still just going to relax for blood work and then til heartbeat time. Buuut...this surely is a step in the right direction.